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Weekly Leagues

• Salary Cap Weekly Leagues
Choose 9 Players from the following lineup: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, K, D
The salary cap is $100,000. You can choose any players for each position but your lineup cannot exceed the $100,000 salary cap. Players salaries range from $1,000 - $25,000.
Complete rules are here: League Rules / How to Play
League League Name Teams / Openings  
$10.00 Salary Cap Weekly League I 12 / 0
$20.00 Salary Cap Weekly League IV 12 / 0
$10.00 Salary Cap Weekly League II 25 / 1
$20.00 Salary Cap Weekly League III 25 / 11

• Weekly Redraft Leagues
Weekly Redraft leagues are ONE WEEK LEAGUES that uses the FFF Live Draft Room to select your team!
League League Name Draft Date/Time  
No leagues found.
* All leagues are listed in Eastern Standard Time

You will use the FFF Live Draft Room to select 12 Players for the week in a Snake Format draft.
Start 10 players: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, Flex, K, D.
You will draft 2 "extra" players which gives you the opportunity to draft a questionable player!
You will submit a lineup using 10 of your 12 drafted players.
Winners are based on total points for the week using FFF PPR Scoring format. 1/4 of teams are paid so 3 places are paid for 12 team leagues.
These leagues will run with a minimum of 4 teams! Payouts will be adjusted accordingly if fewer than 12 teams using the same percentage of payouts!
Complete Rules are here: League Rules / How to Play
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