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FFF Blog
2 scenarios
Jan 07   1:54 AM    Posted By mcmongo

This is crap, been on this site for 10 plus years

This wrong just plain wrong . I am done

Thanks everyone

Favorite FF podcasts on You Tube.
Aug 19   6:13 PM    Posted By allini

What are your favorites.  Mine are Football Guys, Fantasy Football Today, and Fantasy Advice.  No shouting helps and I think the logic is very good. 

J. Peterman (from Seinfeld) on Nathan Peterman
Aug 23   9:42 PM    Posted By allini

All you need to know about pre season is that Nathan Peterman started for the Raiders this week. By the way there is a funny video of J. Peterman commenting on the play of Nathan when he was with the Bills. Just google J.Peterman on Nathan Peterman.

Where's the projected stats for this week?
Sep 21   2:11 AM    Posted By firecracker

Where's the projected stats for this week?

You guys ever do a SLOW draft ?
Aug 10   1:10 PM    Posted By pazman

I just joined a SLOW draft for the first time . It seems like a very cool concept . It allows for up to 8 hours to select your player . Drafts continue on for days , so you don't need a particular time/date to set aside to complete a draft in a couple hours. It allows for more "homework" time as the draft is already going on .  Check them out , you might just like that option too .

New Dynasty League?
Aug 07   10:33 AM    Posted By Stumped

What happened to Dynasty Leagues?  Can we get a new $150 Dynasty League going?

Otherwise how about a new Keeper League for $150?

Thanks, Mike

We're inundated
Sep 18   9:35 AM    Posted By RM2

Please stop ruining our fantasy football season with these daily game ads. They are all over our TV's, internet and radio. Make it STOP!

Hoping fuzzys never gets that desperate! I will never play at a site that annoys me with their advertising!

Auction is Lightyears Better than Snake!
Aug 09   9:55 PM    Posted By AllThingsNewYork

Just think guys...

1) Have you ever dreamt of having Adrian Peterson AND Dez Bryant on your team?  Ever thought of having the choice between a balanced team or a team full of stars and scrubs?

2) Have you ever dreamt of enticing your opponents to overvalue a mid-tier player by having him be bid on early, or at the same time, sneaking a mid-tier player thru cheap by getting him nominated early?

3) Have you ever dreamt of having total control of how to construct your team?

4) Wouldn't it be nice to never have to say "The guy I wanted to take went the pick before me!" ever again?

All you snake drafters that fear the auction - give the auction a try - do it once, you won't want to snake draft ever again!  Help Mark increase the demand and popularity of the Auction Draft!

victory points....do u like?
May 05   2:31 PM    Posted By catchabetterlife

ive did both last year

what do u think of vp scoring system?

total points for the best team on this site
Nov 14   4:08 PM    Posted By dalton1977

1497.00 to be exact. 

best team on fuzzys site right here.
Nov 14   4:09 PM    Posted By dalton1977

Having  a little  fun nobody  post anything  on these forums.  This team is in a 10 team league  and i bet it is the top scoring  team in all of fuzzys  leagues. 

QB, P Manning, Rb A Bradshaw, Rb Leveon Bell, Wr Denaryius Thomas, wr Calvin Johnson, wr Mike evans, Te Rob Gronkowski , Def this week Denver against  the rams but the main starting  Def has been Philly.  1497.00pts tops this team is awesome. 

Victory Points
Jul 09   4:21 PM    Posted By richmond514

I think Victory Points is a nice add on. I've played in these leagues and it's nice that is you have a great week but are just beat by top scoring team, you can still be rewarded.

$1,500 leagues
Dec 09   3:02 PM    Posted By admin

There's a good possibility of that! Just two weeks ago, I asked my merchant account for a review and increase max to $1,500. Thanks!

$1,500 league next year?
Dec 09   2:18 AM    Posted By ktxn

If the wonderful Fuzzy's Fantasy Football had a $1,500 league next year, I'd sure join it!

Welcome to Fuzzys Fantasy Football blog!
Dec 06   12:40 PM    Posted By admin

FFF Members - feel free to post on the blog.

A few rules:
1. Keep it clean
2. No advertising
3. FFF reserves the right to delete and/or suspend your account if rule #1 or #2 is broken.

We're starting with only a few topics. Let us know if you would like to add a category.

Current categories:
FFF Events & Updates - Upcoming events and happenings may be posted

Fantasy Football News - Feel free to post and give opinion on any fantasy football relevant news

Rants & Raves - Something amazing going on in your league? Something horrible? Scored 250 points this week? Scored 45 points? Post it here!

Prior to posting, check to make sure you are posting to the correct category!

FFF Admin

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