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Mocks Drafts
Feel free to sign up for mock drafts but please remember to attend the mocks in which you are registered.

We now have auction drafts. Check the Draft Format column to ensure you are signing up for the type of draft you want.

Mock Drafts are posted daily - typically in the afternoon to draft that evening. Auctions and SuperFlex mocks may be posted a day in advance to assist in filling them.

 Mock Drafts 
Mock # Teams
/ Openings
Draft Format Lineup Point
per rec
Draft Date Day Time  
Mock Draft #2689 10 / 6 Snake Flex 9 yes May 11 Monday 8:30 PM *
Mock Draft #2688 10 / 8 Snake Flex 9 yes May 04 Monday 8:00 PM *
Mock Draft #2687 10 / 9 Snake Flex 9 yes May 03 Sunday 08:00 AM *
Mock Draft #2686 10 / 8 Snake Flex 9 yes May 02 Saturday 9:00 PM *
Mock Draft #2685 10 / 7 Snake Flex 9 yes May 01 Friday 8:30 PM *
Total 5 mock drafts Page of 1
* Mock drafts are listed in Eastern Standard Time

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